Lynn Theisen - Ambassadrice Savage

Lynn Theisen







Originaire du Luxembourg, Lynn y a vécu 23 ans. A la fin de ses études, elle décide de partir à la découverte du monde et passe alors deux ans à voyager entre l’Asie, la Nouvelle Zélande et la France avec son sac sur le dos. Début 2018, elle décide de s’installer définitivement au bord de l’océan et choisi alors de poser ses valises à Bali. Depuis elle vit au rythme des marées et travaille à son compte pour plusieurs marques en Europe et en Indonésie. Lynn vit sa vie à 100 à l’heure et profite de chaque moment de libre pour surfer, passer du temps avec ses amis ou découvrir de nouveaux lieux.

Born in Luxembourg, Lynn has lived there for 23 years. When she finished studying, she decided to discover the world and has spent two years backpacking between Asia, New Zealand and France. At the beginning of 2018, she decided to settle close to the ocean and chose Bali for this new life. Since then, she organises her days around the tides and surf and works for several brands in Europe and Indonesia. Lynn lives life to the fullest and enjoy every free moment to surf, spend time with her friends or discover new places.

Favorite Savage product ? The grey body ; I love to wear it together with my black leather shorts.
Who taught you to surf ? I took a surflesson in France and later on some surfguides and friends gave me some tips and hints. Surfing is a life long learning anyway.
Favorite wave ? Balangan in Bali.
Best surfing memory ? That’s hard to say cause there are so many surfmemories. But I had some issues at a time and when I surfed the first bigger wave after that, I was just the happiest person and got my wave
tattoo right after to never forget this wave.
Best (surf) trip ? There are many as well and all so special and good in their own way. My first trip to Fuerteventura was amazing, I felt this freedom for the first time.
Dream destination ? Bali. I keep coming back because whereever I went, nothing was comparable to this island.
Three things that are always in your luggage ? A bikini, a labello and my phone.
A dream project ? The FLKLRSURF retreats to become a real surfcamp all year over.
Your life’s philosophy ? Do what you love and love what you do. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter. Time is gold.

Lynn Theisen - Ambassadrice Savage