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Cold Water Surf – Surfing in north Germany

Surfing in Germany ?
After living many year aboard and chasing perfect wave I discovered that there are actually waves in Germany. In north Germany there are many surfers. Mostly kite and wind surfers. We have two oceans the north and the baltic sea and because of that there is no day with no wind. Paradise for all surfer that need winds. So I never thought that there are waves. But now I know: the wind brings waves.
This is how they are looking when they are arriving at the coast of Germany:

How did I start to surf in Germany ?
A typically wind swell wave. But better than nothing right?
It was not so easy to adapt to these kind of waves. Especially with a short board. I was confronted to fight against the cold winds and strong current. These waves are the opposite of perfekt. They are a mess. But my vision was, if I can handle a mess, then I could handle everything.
So the challenge was to get used to these kind of conditions. Everyone can surf good waves. I needed to start as a total beginner. Train the paddle, learn to choose the right waves and then manage the take off.
The waves are hard to catch. A lot of volume is ideal to get into a wave. Then you need to stand up super quick because the wave is closing out really fast. The waves still have some power and if you catch a good one it can be super fun!

After one year surfing in Germany I can see some little improvements. Sometimes I even have a good session and train some turns. But a lot of times I get frustrated. After a bad session it is really hard to find the motivation for the next session again.

Where to surf in Germany ?
The baltic sea is in the east of Germany. You have quite many places to find some waves, but you always need to drive. It depends on the winds what wave is working. So you are chasing the onshore winds. There are no actually swells that can bring the waves. The north sea in the west of Germany is much better and actual swells can arrive on the shores. When you drive up the coast to Denmark you can often find nice and clean waves. I always check windguru and magic seaweed. For the north sea you can actually find the swell size but for the baltic sea you need to understand the wind and direction.
But be aware: it will always be cold! In summer the water temperature is getting quite warm but the winds will always cool you down.

What to wear ?
In summer you can surf with a 3.2 wetsuit with no gloves and shoes. Although I always use shoes, so I can stay longer in the water. In October you need to start using a thicker wetsuit. I would suggest a 4.3 or 5.4 with shoes. November you can actually start using a hooded 6.5 with gloves and shoes. Ninja Surfer !

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